So, you’ve heard about our Business Growth Blueprint from us, or someone in your network, or maybe on social media, and you’re wondering ‘is this something that could help me and my business?’ 
It’s natural to have questions - after all, Google has made a fortune from us all asking questions, haven’t they??!! 
So we thought we’d break it all down for you and answer all those questions you might have, right here in this article. 
Whenever you’re thinking about investing in yourself and your business, it would be great to have a crystal ball to see how it was going to turn out - well, I’m no Mystic Meg, but I’ve broken down the Blueprint here and answered all those questions that you might have. 
Of course, I think the Business Growth Blueprint is A-Ma-Zing, but what I want to do here, is give you the information to decide if it’s right for you and your business - we want you to be a Raving Fan of ours, not be disappointed with what you got! 
What is the Business Growth Blueprint?  
The Blueprint is a combination of knowledge, training and coaching that will not only give you a complete strategy for business development, but also ensure that you implement what you learn into your business. 
This is not a workbook that you complete, put in a drawer and never look at again (we’ve all done that, right?). This is a new way of looking at your business and life - one that helps you build a business that adds to your life, not drains from it - and that gets you to actually ACTION the stuff you learn, not just think ‘ooo, that’s a good idea’, and then get on with tidying your paperclip drawer! 
Why have we created it? 
Too many business leaders are struggling and stressing over where their next bit of business is coming from. We get it, we’ve been there - lying awake at night wondering how to really fire up our business and get to the point where we could enjoy our work, and also the finer things in life that we wanted too - more gin, anyone? 
We used the exact methods that we’ve put in the Blueprint, to grow our own businesses over the past 10 years - and if you want to break the cycle of ‘feast and famine’ in your business too, the answer is right here. 
What does the Blueprint cover? 
● Establish your starting point - discover where you are in your business right now and what your goals for working with us are 
● Social Media Audit - what's right for you and how to actually ensure Social Media Platforms work for you, not just suck your time 
● Get the Basics right - simple strategies to implement straight away that can ramp up your results 
● Define your personal vision - the lifestyle that you want to lead, the people who are around you, how you spend your time and the holidays you enjoy 
● Understand your reason why - why you do what you do and how you’ve arrived at this point in your life, so that you can inspire your network and make them want to help you to achieve your vision 
● Define your ideal client - unless you clearly know who you want as a dream client how can you expect others to help you find more of them? We take this to a whole new level that you've never even considered 
● Develop your Inner Circle - we help you evaluate your current network and identify key gaps, so you can build an Inner Circle that will help you to achieve your goals 
● Ramp up your relationship building - once you know who can help you achieve your goals, you need to motivate them. We give you the skills and techniques to do this 
● Learn how to build your personal brand - understand what you need to do to establish your personal brand, on and off-line 
● Develop Daily Habits - we share what you need to do each day / week to build become a Star Performer and how to measure the results 
This package will give you everything you need to help you take your business, and life, to the next level. 
Who is it for? 
The Business Growth Blueprint is not for everyone and we only want you to jump onboard if it’s right for you. 
This IS for you if: 
● You’re a busy business leader who is under pressure and needs implementable solutions 
● You’re time-starved and super busy, but never seem to achieve the business growth you desire 
● You have put your dreams on the back burner and are now ready to take actions towards them 
● You are ready to create something you are excited to wake up for every day 
● You are sick of ‘networking to death’ and want to know how to create relationships with, to really skyrocket your business 
● You want to create and complete, action plans towards ‘what's next’ 
● You want more of the right clients, at the right, time, at the right price 
● You want a proven success blueprint for business growth and development 
This is NOT for you if: 
● You don’t want to put in any work 
● You don’t want to be challenged 
● You think you have all the answers 
● You say ‘but my business is different to everyone else’s…’ 
● You’re not really motivated to create an extraordinary next chapter in your life and business 
Will this work for my business? 
Right now, I honestly can’t think of a business that wouldn’t benefit from the Business Growth Blueprint, BUT, the great thing is, we’ll have a conversation with you first to see if we are a good fit for each other. And what I can tell you is this - there is absolutely no point in us taking you on as a client, if we can’t get you the results you need. That will only result in you being unhappy and disappointed and telling the Whole World about it - and that’s not what we want. 
How long will it take? 
The Blueprint is delivered over 11 x monthly 2.5 hour group coaching sessions (online via Zoom), that are all recorded so you never miss a session, and can review sections of the program at any time 
This is all supported by 1-2-1 30 minute coaching sessions, in the weeks in between the group coaching, to ensure you implement what you have learned, to support you with any challenges and to provide accountability. 
How much does the Blueprint cost? 
You're probably wondering how much you need to invest to get all this knowledge and coaching, and we know that you will be pleasantly surprised. 
The Business Growth Blueprint costs just £360+vat per month, plus there's the option to make a 20% saving if you want to pay annually upfront! 
There's a minimum sign up for 12 months to ensure you learn and implement all of our techniques, but in reality most of our clients choose to stay on with us after that, as they want that ongoing coaching and accountability - and they love us! 
Who are the coaches? 
Jamie and I (Dawn) will be your trainers and coaches for both the group sessions and your 1-2-1 coaching sessions - sometimes you might even get both of us!! (think of that like when you get a double yolk egg - Wow!!) 
What results can I expect? 
Your results will obviously depend on how much work you put in, but I can tell you that some of our clients have - 
● launched a business from scratch and had first 4 clients, which replaced salary from old job, within 3 months 
● added over £1million in funds under management in 12 months whilst also building a 5* referral team 
● Won £150k plus of new business after just 2 months of working with us 
● 14x investment generated in new business after the first week of coaching! 
● 25 new clients within 8 weeks of working with us 
● Implemented one strategy from first coaching session and won 3 new pieces of work 
How should I sign up? 
If you’re interested in joining us, either email us now on or or you can jump right in and book a call with us  
What’s next? 
What’s next is that you are going to start spending some time working ‘on’ your business,  
not ‘in’ it.  
You are going to have real life, simple strategies to implement from Day One of working with us.  
You are going to build a business and a life that you love - and we cannot wait to get started with you!! 
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