Blue Light Entrepreneur | 7 steps 

Part 1 – Introducing our program 

Here we will introduce you to the course material, and agree how we will participate with each other for the duration of the program. 
This part is also about having a clear understanding of YOU. 
Who you are. 
What is most important to you. 
Why you do the things you do. 
What you are trying to accomplish. 
Is your image consistent with the person or business you want to be? 

Part 2 – Your Target Market 

Having a strong understanding of who you are and what you want to be, makes it much easier to determine who you want to work with. When you are clear about who you are, your most desired customers not only become more apparent, they become attracted to you. In part 2 we develop your understand of your Target Market and identify: 
Who your clients are. 
What they look like. 
Where you will find them. 

Part 3 – Your People 

When you know who you are, and who your target market is, recognising the people who make up the most important relationships for your business becomes easy. In part 3 we look at: 
What are the key relationships that will help you create the most effective referral marketing plan for you. 
We show you how to examine your entire contact database, and stratify it to create your most effective list of referral sources. 

Part 4 – Your Activities 

Having completed your list of referral sources, we can now begin to examine activities that will help you move these relationships to a much higher level. Part 4 of the program is about activities you can do with your most important referral sources that will transform these relationships into referral production for both of you. In examining these relationships, you will also learn some important business relationship lessons: 
Some people can’t or won’t ever refer you. 
Some people can refer you every now and then. 
Some people will refer you much more intentionally and with much greater purpose. 

Part 5 – Equipping Your People 

If you are to get the best out of your referral sources, they need certain information about your business to be better equipped to do so. In part 5 we look at: 
Training referral sources about your business so they can seek business referrals on your behalf. 
How to equip the 8 different types of groups of people that can refer business to you. 
Materials, conversations, processes and other things that referral sources may need to effectively refer you to their relationships/ contacts. 

Part 6 – Supporting your Referral Marketing 

As you experience the benefits of what you’ve learnt so far, you also need to be doing activities to support your referral marketing efforts. Some of these things include: 
Understanding and using an effective rewards system for your referral sources that will keep them excited about referring your business. 
Planning your social media actions to support your referral marketing efforts. 
Using social media to further encourage your referral relationships, develop new ones, and even promote yourself. 
Developing productive speaking engagements that set you apart from your competition - You may be asked to present either yourself, or your products, and it is crucial to do this in a way that is motivating to your target market. 

Part 7 – Your Referral Marketing Plan 

As you work through the program, you will use the printed workbook or electronic version to capture your learning. Each workbook has pages highlighted as being part of your Referral Marketing Plan which will gradually be built as you progress to this stage of the program. You will complete the final drafts for each section and copy these pages into Part 7, but remember that this is a constantly evolving plan and not something you only look at once a year. Especially since you are working with people, you have an organic source of inspiration which will be reflected in your constantly changing plan. 
In this final section, you will each present your Referral Marketing Plans to your Asentiv Blue cohort and trainers before receiving your certificate of completion. 
So how does that sound? Does the process make sense? Do you have any questions? If so, please go to the FAQ section or get in touch below 
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