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What is Breakthrough Coaching? 

We believe that to reach your full potential you need to learn how to think and behave to perform at your best. 
Business and life can be challenging at times, and even harder if you have become your own worst enemy and you have no one to help you get clear on how to find new ways to think and operate, to better reach your goals. 
Do you find yourself saying any of these – 
On the one hand I want this, but on the other hand, I want that 
If I could find a way to … 
I just can’t let go of it … 
I just can’t do this or that – I’ve tried, but I just can’t stop doing it … 
Why do I keep doing that? 
I can’t deal with it now; it’s just too painful … 
I wonder how people overcome such problems … 
I wish I could … 
I don’t know why I feel this way … 
If any of these sound familiar and you’re ready to break through a plateau, overcome obstacles & achieve those goals that have always been just out of reach; our 'Breakthrough to Success' Coaching Package is just what you need! 

First things first...   

First off, we will have an initial call with you to see if we are a good fit for each other and to ensure we can help you. 
Your 'Breakthrough to Success' Coaching Sessions are delivered over 6-8 sessions, online via Zoom, and can vary in length from 45 mins to 1.5 hours, depending on what type of coaching you require and where you are in the process.  
Generally, we will have sessions every 2 weeks; or you may choose to make your change faster as we continue your ongoing coaching. 

How we work 

In your first session we will establish what area of your life or business you want to work on and what your outcomes / goals are. 
Then together, we will get really clear on the REAL unconscious problem that is driving your current behaviour & results (and how to fix it!) 
The remainder of your sessions will then be completely tailored for your outcomes by your one-to-one Master Coach and may include - 
Gaining freedom from negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt from the past that are currently holding you back 
Removing beliefs you hold that are limiting your success (e.g. I’m not good enough, I fear rejection, I’m scared of failure) 
Gaining clarity about what is important to you and setting compelling goals that are more likely to come to fruition 
Getting clear on your REAL values and changing them if you wish 
Stopping your brain controlling you and instead take back control and ensure it does what you want it to do in support of your goals 
Identifying & interrupting patterns that keep repeating themselves throughout your life 
Getting out of any ruts, you may have been in 
Resolving internal conflicts that are draining and enable you to get clarity and find decision making much easier 
Clearing up your thinking so that you have more energy to spend on the things that matter to you 
Finally, we will check back on your outcomes with you, to ensure these have been achieved. 

What does it cost?   

You’re probably wondering how much this transformational work is going to cost? 
Our 'Breakthrough to Success' Coaching Package is £2000+vat 
(payment plan may be available) 
Perhaps the real question you should be asking yourself is 'how much will it cost me NOT to do this' and remain stuck where you are? 
Constantly struggling in your business, never achieving the success you deserve. 
'Coasting on cosy’ in a relationship that doesn’t really work, never experiencing love in the way you truly want to. 
Continuously stuck in a dieting cycle, never achieving and maintaining the ‘look’ you want. 

How do I get started?   

How do I get started? 
Here's the truth, coaching, done effectively with a coach you can trust, will improve your business life and your personal life. Dramatically. 
So, if you’re ready to COMMIT and TAKE ACTION, click below to get your 30 minute Free Coaching Session booked in NOW!  
We’ll find out exactly what’s been preventing your success up to now, and show you how you can START achieving the life and business you want and deserve. 
Take control and put yourself first 
Increase your sales, grow your business, transform your life 
Emotional and psychological resilience for the emergency services 
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