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Emotional and psychological resilience for the emergency services  

The Challenge 

Are you looking for a program that can deliver a level of knowledge and education in terms of emotional and psychological resilience, for staff at all levels of your organisation? 
A program that can compliment and enhance your existing wellbeing programs? 
Are you feeling the impact day-to-day frontline duties are having on the emotional and psychological wellbeing of your teams? 
Impact such as: 
Individuals are experiencing increased sickness, stress, anxiety and an inability to perform at their best. 
Organisationally you are facing challenges in recruitment/ retention, low morale, poor performance and productivity. 

The Solution 

Oxygen Coaching Company has developed the 'Frontline Fortitude' half day workshop, with exactly these challenges in mind. 
We deliver personal change intended to increase self-awareness, wellbeing, resilience and future success through life-wide learning. 
This coaching workshop can be delivered in person at a location of your choice* 
*suggested maximum is 40 attendees, per workshop. 
Basic outline & objectives of the workshop - 
Understanding the relationship between your environment, behaviour, values and beliefs, identity and purpose, and the impact they have on your personal resilience. 
Exploring the primary roles of the unconscious mind and how they influence your awareness, conscious logic, rationale, and reasoning, in policing. 
Understanding how external events are received, filtered, translated, and represented by our brains. 
Understanding how your past experiences, values, and beliefs, influence your future behaviour, and discover how to use this to maintain psychological wellbeing. 
Understanding the differences in the way we think and speak, and the things we pay most attention to - increasing understanding of ourselves, and others, and leading to future success through more effective communication. 

Our Objectives  

To use coaching methodology to enhance rapport building with witnesses, suspects, victims, and colleagues, further increasing communications skills and conflict resolution for future success. 
To allow your teams to understand and differentiate between a positive (results focused) mindset, versus a negative (reasons and excuses) mindset. 
To help individuals explore their motivation and show them how to stay positive. 
To create SMART+ Goals, and to create a vivid sensory vision of their future. 
To create actionable strategies for success, and how to maintain motivation to succeed. 
The effective use of 'The Wheel of Life' to create and maintain a healthy life balance and reduce the risk of overwhelm. 
Introduction to the '4 pillars of positive mental health' to maintain positive mental and emotional wellbeing throughout a career in policing. 
To explore the destructive self-soothing techniques often associated with those working in policing; those who are experiencing stress and trauma. 
To explore self-compassion awareness, empathy, understanding, and listening without judgment. 

What's your investment?  

We know that your team's wellbeing and personal development are of the utmost importance to you, and that this is a new approach. 
We believe that Frontline Fortitude would be suited to all of your staff, and we would love to support you in delivering that. 
Therefore we have reduced the cost of the workshop for a commitment to delivering to your wider teams. 
We feel this is the most effective solution in terms of cost and outcome. 
£1500 for one Frontline Fortitude Workshop - payable in advance. 
£1400 for a commitment to between 2 and 10 Frontline Fortitude Workshops - delivered over a 12 month period and paid for in advance. 
£1250 for a commitment to 11+ Frontline Fortitude Workshops delivered over a 12 month period and paid for in advance. 
*Please note - all figures are exclusive of VAT 

What next?  

Let your ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN POLICIES that support the health and wellbeing of your staff! 
If you're ready to demonstrate your empathetic and caring attitude.... 
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