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Find The Courage To Change Your Life  

We've walked in your shoes! 

Oxygen's Gareth Keyte has teamed up with Kev Bland from YompFit (Men's Health) to create 3 much-needed coaching programs for Men over 30. 
As Coaches with over 50 years military and public service experience behind us we know that maintaining Mental 'Match Fitness' is tough at the best of times.  
The programs we have created are for all men over 30 (not only military or emergency services) with 'Pain Points' that may include divorce, relationship breakdown, work-related stress and emotional trauma which have created a cycle of self-doubt or despair. 
We've walked in your shoes and we're asking these questions of you or someone you know: 
Have you ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed, not good enough and irritable? 
Do you avoid problems by using alcohol, drugs, gambling, unhealthy eating habits or spending money you don't have? 
Do you suffer with disrupted sleep patterns, procrastination and indecision? 
Are you feeling disconnected from your younger-self, the one who had all those dreams of your future? 
It may be painful to acknowledge this, but... 
'If you've consciously tried to make changes, and it hasn't worked, isn't it time to choose another way?' 
Are you serious about overcoming your challenges? 
Are you're ready to take back control of your life? 
If the answer is 'Yes', you know you have to take action, don't you? 
If you agree, keep reading..... 

Rebuild and Restore your Resilience 

On our 8 week 'Group Coaching Program', you will receive over 16 hours of coaching, bringing together two tried-and-tested coaching styles that deliver success and achievement. 
The purpose of this expertly engineered 8 week program is to raise your holistic wellbeing and to provide you with new skills and knowledge.  
In a matter of weeks, you will have gained fresh insight and perspective on how external events impact your state of mind and how your internal beliefs directly affect your mental and physical health.  
We use group sessions to share a wealth of knowledge, hard-won wisdom and eliminate feelings of isolation: 
Survive to Flourish (S2F)/Wheel of life 
Goal setting, accountability & Networking. 
The four pillars of mental health. 
Subjective wellbeing & making positive change. 
Communication & Conflict management 
Social awareness & Relationship management. (Emotional intelligence at Work, family & friends) 
Self-awareness & Self-management. (Emotional intelligence for you) 
Building resilience & managing emotions 
Motivation & managing expectations 
Building confidence and developing a growth mindset 
Our 8 Week 'Individual Breakthrough Program' will open up new new ways of approaching your personal goals. Together we will change 'Unproductive Habits' and remove 'Limiting Beliefs' and 'Negative Emotions' that are affecting your behaviour and decision making. We will work with you on: 
The ‘One Thing’ – What do you want to change? 
Your 'Values' – What’s important to you, why and how they affect you 
Removing 'Negative Emotions' 
Removing 'Limiting Beliefs' 
Resolving 'Internal Conflict' 
Effective 'Goal Setting' 
Creating a compelling 'Vision for your future' 
Finally, we host a 2 day Men's Resilience Retreat in The Peak District to help 'Rest' your body and mind, 'Restore' your self-belief and confidence and 'Rebuild' your personal resilience. 
All Inclusive rural retreat 
Resilience coaching delivered in person 
Outdoor learning and mindfulness activities 
All this means you will leave our retreat feeling reinvigorated, reconnected and inspired. 
After each program we will keep in touch to maintain group connection. We will also keep in touch individually to help you stay focussed and accountable. 

This may not be for you though? 

They say 'The best project you will ever work on is, yourself'. 
But, before we commit to working with you, we insist on having an initial call to see if we are a good fit for each other, and to ensure we can help.  
Our reputation is built on trust and quality relationships, and the course is delivered with authentic intent. We insist on using proven ethical coaching practices to increase your self-awareness, self-care, and improve your overall holistic wellbeing. 
This is why the initial call is so improtant, if we work with each other, we will help you decide which of the the programs is right for you, right now. 
If you're not ready for coaching yet, but want to speak with someone in a safe environment without feeling judged, call SAMARITANS for FREE on 116 123 or for more information visit the SAMARITANS website 
There is also now a SAMARITANS self-help App 

Your Investment 

In just 8 weeks you can be on your way to a happier and more fulfilling life!  
Our next Group Coaching Program starts again in Autumn 2021
We have 3 levels of coaching program available all with flexible payment options 
Bronze – 8 week Group Coaching - £600 +VAT 
Silver - 8 week Group Coaching + 2 day Resilience Retreat - £1100 +VAT 
Gold – 8 week Group Coaching + 2 day Resilience Retreat + Personal Breakthrough Coaching £2000 +VAT 
We have options for you to spread the payments too 
Give us a call to find out more 

How to secure a place?   

How do I book? 
Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching, done effectively with coaches you can trust, will improve your Life Balance dramatically! 
So, if you’re ready to COMMIT and TAKE ACTION, click below to get your 30 minute Discovery Call booked in NOW!  
Let us show you how you can START achieving the life balance you want and deserve. 
Increase your sales, grow your business, transform your life 
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