Unlock Your Potential 

Become the Best Version of YOU!  

I've been where you are now! 

I'm seeing far too many women out there that are struggling; struggling to achieve the business they want and deserve, struggling with trying to balance life and work, struggling with relationships, food, money, and umpteen other things - and I want it to stop. 
As someone who loves coaching women to achieve what THEIR version of success is, I wanted to find a way to help MORE of you.  
My 1-2-1 coaching is transformational for the women that work with me, but I wanted to create a group program, so I could help MORE women like YOU, more QUICKLY - and that's why I've developed my new 6 week Unlock Your Potential Group Coaching Program for women. 
Any of these sound familiar....? 
Feeling that you're not good enough / slim enough / pretty enough / intelligent enough 
Always irritable at work or at home 
Using alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating, procrastination or spending money to avoid confronting your problems 
Poor concentration or reduced ability to process information 
Feeling disconnected and increasingly isolated 
Paralysed by indecision or anxiety 
Disrupted sleeping pattern 
Additional 'pain points' such as relationship breakdown, work-related stress, family conflict, and emotional trauma, can create a cycle of self-doubt and despair. 
It may be painful to acknowledge this, but... 
You're never going to achieve dramatic, rapid transformation by letting your fear keep you in your comfort zone. 
If you're serious about overcoming your challenges and you're ready to take back control of your life, you know you have to take action, don't you? 
If you're nodding along, then read on...... 

Become the Best Version of YOU, by upgrading your Mindset 

On this 6 week group coaching program, you will experience weekly sessions, bringing together coaching and personal development techniques, that will show you how you can move forward from where you are now. 
The purpose of this 6 week program is to raise your holistic wellbeing and to provide you with new skills and knowledge.  
In a matter of weeks, you will have gained fresh insight and perspective on how external events impact your state of mind and how your internal beliefs directly affect your mental and physical health.  
There is a strong performance coaching theme running through the course with healthy discussion throughout. 
During your group sessions I'll share a wealth of knowledge, and hard-won wisdom including:- 
Taking a look at your WHOLE life and seeing which areas need most attention for the BIGGEST change of life 
Goal setting and accountability 
Building resilience & managing emotions 
Motivation & managing expectations 
Building confidence and developing a growth mindset 
We will open up new new ways of approaching your personal goals. Together we will change 'Unproductive Habits' and remove 'Limiting Beliefs' and 'Negative Emotions' that are affecting your behaviour and decision making. 
You will finish these 6 weeks as an upgraded version of you - you will have Unlocked Your Potential

Is this for you? 

They say, 'The best project you will ever work on, is yourself'. 
But, before we commit to working with you, we insist on having an initial call to see if we are a good fit for each other, and to ensure we can help you. 
Our reputation is built on trust and quality relationships, and the program is delivered with authentic intent. We use proven, ethical coaching practices to increase your self-awareness, self-care, and improve your overall holistic wellbeing. 
We want to make sure you can get what you need out of this program, so book your call now, and let's talk! 

What does it cost? 

In just 6 weeks you can be on your way to a happier and more fulfilling life! However, this requires commitment on your part! 
Our next Unlock Your Potential Program starts w/c 21st June 2021 and there are only 3 places remaining. 
The cost is £597 per person, and there is also a payment plan available. 
Give us a call to find out more 

How to secure a place?   

Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching, done effectively with a coach you can trust, will improve your Life dramatically! 
So, if you’re ready to COMMIT and TAKE ACTION, click below to get your Discovery Call booked in NOW!  
Let us show you how you can START achieving the life balance you want and deserve. 
Increase your sales, grow your business, transform your life 
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