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Where are you now? 

We understand that there are many reasons why serving police officers or officers leaving the service have chosen to start their own business. You are part of a growing number throughout the UK choosing to become Police Entrepreneurs (30,000+ as of April 2020). Some deciding factors are; 
‘The change in pension means I may not have financial security until I’m in my 60s’ 
‘I feel that as I get older, the risks seem to increase’ 
‘Relying on overtime to earn more money means spending more time away from my family’ 
‘I don’t seem to have any time for hobbies, sport or friends anymore’ 
‘Financial freedom is reliant on me getting promoted’ 
‘I want to be my own boss and building something for myself and my family’ 
‘I don’t want to be overcome by stress or mental ill-health. I want to use my skills elsewhere' 
……the list goes on 
What if we could help you grow your business within the terms of your police ‘Approved Business Interest’ and ‘Working Time Directives’? What if we could help you build a business that allows you to leave the service at a time when YOU are ready – retirement or otherwise. We have developed a business development program that builds on your ability to follow processes, build quality relationships and manage your time effectively to allow you to work ‘smarter, not harder’ in growing your business success. 
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